Pastor’s Page

Pastor Wackett

Dear Friends in Christ,


Just wanted to spend this time catching up on information and details of things going on in my life and a few of the things happening in the church. 


While I was unable to share the information with the whole congregation due to the onset of COVID-19; the treatments for my cancer have, at this point, been successful.  After the 40 sessions of radiation and the surgery, my most recent numbers reflect a zero presence of cancer.  The doctor cautions that this is an early test because the hormone shot that was still active when the test was done, there is the possibility that the zero results were thrown off.  So, the next test coming this month may be more accurate and prayerfully still zero. 


I have a hip injury that will be evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow and give guidance on what to do next.  We’ll see what comes next with that.  Along with that injury they have found significant stenosis in the vertebrae of the lower back which will also be evaluated after the hip has been taken care of. 


You will find in this newsletter a copy of a couple of  articles from the by-laws of the church.  The church council has been trying to produce an acceptable one which will be sent to the district for approval once  complete.  Before it can be sent, you as the voters of the church must approve what has been done.  What you are being asked to do now is review what has been submitted and give your opinion about what you read. If you have questions or comments please make them to anyone on the church council and they can pass them on for consideration.  Evaluating the documents in this way will lessen the effort that it will take to review the entire document at one time. 


Until next month…God bless and keep us all under His loving arms.