Pastor’s Page

Pastor Wackett

Dear friends in Christ,

At the tomb with Jesus

John 11:28-44


How frightened we become about things that we are unable to control.  Our minds set limits on what is able to be done, and we fall into complete grief and despair when the events of life move beyond what we are able to process.  The sisters of Lazarus had witnessed the sickness and death of their brother and likely sole provider of the family.  Their world had fallen apart.  Even worse, they thought that they were part of the inside crew of Jesus and when they needed him, he was no where to be found.  They had every reason to feel deflated in their life and world.  Into this picture arrives   Jesus, on his own time schedule.  All that they could see was death and destruction, but what Jesus saw was an  opportunity for the glory of God to be revealed.  Yet the pain of witnessing the grief of family and friends drove Jesus to tears.   He knew very well what was going to  happen, but the eyes of those around Him had yet to see or understand.  He felt for their pain.  He feels for ours as well.   At just the right time, Jesus does something about it.  Not His friends’ time but His time. 


In these uncertain times, we may begin to feel like the sisters.  “Lord, if you had just been here.”  Yet, even in this uncertain time, we are certain that Jesus is with us.  We have no idea at this moment when God will bring all of this uncertainty to an end.  We are not in charge of much that is happening to us from day to day, but as Jesus knew what He was going to do for Lazarus and the sisters, He knows what he will do for us even now.