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Pastor Wackett

Dear friend in Christ, 

Over the next few months I will be siting the work of Roger Sonnenberg and David Ludwig in their study on Living with Purpose – Getting More Out of Life.  The first study will be looking at the spiritual discipline of meditation, then prayer and finally fasting.  While there are several forms of each I will be focusing on just a single one each month.


This month Lectio Divina


The Lectio Divina goes back to the fourth or fifth century.  It means simply “Sacred  Reading.” There are four steps to the model:  1) read, 2) meditation, 3) prayer, and 4) contemplation.

  • Reading the Word: Begin with a few verses from Scripture.  Read each word slowly,     stopping and letting it speak to you.
  • Meditation: Personalize the Word.  Ask what the Word has to say to you, your situation, your needs, ponder the Word.
  • Prayer: Let the Holy Spirit reveal to you changes that need to be made in your life as a result of the Word.  Talk about these changes in prayer.  Ask God to help you make the     necessary changes (Write down your thoughts, your resolutions, decisions, commitments in a journal if this is an aide to you.)
  • Contemplation: After preparation, through reading, mediation and prayer, await the consumption of your mind with God’s truth.  This may take place even while you’re doing any one of the other three steps or it may take place over a long period of time. 


For example:

Read:  Matthew 13:1-23

Meditate:  Jesus talks about faith in his parable.  Think about a time when you were on a     spiritual high and how quickly it was taken away by life.  Think about a time when you resolved to stop doing something sinful and how quickly you returned to it. Think about a time when God’s word produced a hundred fold.  

Prayer:  Let the Holy Spirit prompt you (Give it time).  The response might be one of             repentance for letting the cares and concerns of the world choke out your faith. 

Contemplation:  What new insight do you now have after reflecting on the parable?


Next Month:  Prayer