Pastor’s Page

Pastor Wackett


Dear friend in Christ, 

Shortly after COVID began I was discussing with some of the members how great it would be to celebrate a year of Jubilee after all the restrictions were raised and our lives began again.  Last night, May 10, the district held a Zoom meeting suggesting a year of Jubilee for the next year.  A year in which we focus on the pains of others and finding the Lost for Jesus.  A year dedicated not to law and structure, but to touching the hearts of those whose hearts are searching for the answers to unanswerable questions. 

To this end there will be a series of meetings over the next 12 weeks that can be used as a tutorial about what the mission of God is all about.  These Zoom meetings are open to all.    For the more exposed, the more that understand. The authors of the book, “The Great Sending,” are some of the best in their field when it comes to the mission of God and its implementation.  This is an act of the heart not of the mind.  For we are all sent to be the hands of Jesus touching the lost. 

I was talking to a young man the other day who really  sounded lost in this search.  He was just unable to release the convictions of his mind and let the Holy Spirit populate it with the mind of God.  There are so many out there who are equally struggling. We are the sent ones to show them Jesus. 

A common theme that is seen in churches that close, is the fixation of rules and authority and completely loosing focus on the mission that God has put before His people.  The   presenter spoke of three churches that he had served in a vacancy position and all three closed because they felt that the mission was all about them.  As the church searches for a way to restart coming out of the pandemic, it is best that we restart with Him.  While the Lutheran church may find its doctrine in the Apostle Paul, its purpose is found in the commands of Jesus, its mission is found in the calling of God. 

Each of us has been prepared in different ways to accomplish this mission, yet we all have been called to be a part.  Please look for additional log in and reservation opportunities as this conversation continues.  And pray!  The church, the world, our hearts, will never change without it.  As the editor of the book, who spoke last night, commented; the meaning of the word Jubilee is the sounding of the trumpet.  Let’s sound the trumpet for the year of Jesus and make it so.