Pastor’s Page

Pastor Wackett

Dear friends in Christ,

We are all pretty tired of the ways things are right now.  Yet, there remain many questions when it comes to moving forward.  How great is the danger, what needs to be done to be ready, when is the best time, do we sing or only speak (masks are tough to sing with), do we have enough sanitizer for all (many of the small bottles that were here no longer are), and what about communion? The list could go on and on.  The church council should be meeting this month (June) to determine many of the answers to these questions.  Yet, even in the answers, we are simply relying on our best-informed guess as to what to do next. 


So, what of faith?  Where does faith play into the equation?  Ultimately, it has everything to do with the question at hand.  For those of us in Jesus, it is by faith that we make any movement in life. If you recall His temptation in the wilderness, you will note that he reasoned what to do based on scripture.  He did not just do something and then later determine whether it was  correct or a mistake.  He also reminded the devil that we are not to put the Lord your God to the test.  That question of testing God or trusting God is one that is only known by the individual.  I have had many faithful fellow pastors who are itching to be open again because they truly feel that it is time and the Lord will protect.  I have had an equal number who feel that we are moving much too   quickly to do the reopen well.  The response to either could be reasonably seen as proper.  If God will protect, why don’t we all take the common cup; if we are moving too quickly, when will we feel comfortable proclaiming at all?  I caution each of you not to evaluate someone else’s faith based on your bias.  The response might be embarrassing.   


In the interim, please pray for the council as they have to make difficult, faith-filled decisions for the congregation.  By electing them, you have chosen them to do their best.  Trust them with that task as we move forward in the coming days and months.