Sunday School


Children’s Sunday School meets at 10 a.m. in the Education Annex. Be sure to let the church office know if you would like to be added to the Sunday School parents’ email list to receive weekly information.

In December, we meet for class on the first two  Sundays. Plans are underway to have a Christmas     program in church on the third Sunday of the month, December 18. The lessons for the first two Sundays in December will be:

December 4: THE LAND AT LAST – JOSHUA     (Joshua 3:1–4:18): “The Land at Last” is the title for today’s lesson. For forty years, the  Israelites wandered on sandals that didn’t wear out and ate daily doses of manna. Following Moses’ death, Joshua prepares to lead a new generation into the Promised Land. This time, the floodwaters of the Jordan River stand in the way; but, hearkening back to the Red Sea crossing, the people pass through on dry land as they gather twelve stones for a memorial to God’s faithful care for His people. As a family, discuss how God leads us today.

December 11, A JUDGE LEADS – GIDEON       (Judges 7:1–23): Today, we will study “A Judge Leads.” God called Gideon to lead His chosen     people against their Midianite enemies. God leads Gideon to reduce his army from 32,000 men to a mere 300. Reassured by the Lord, Gideon moves forward with God’s improbable plan. Armed with only torches and trumpets, Gideon’s mini army   defeats the mighty Midianite force without lifting a sword. Discuss ways God can use even small groups of people to accomplish great things.

After the Christmas program on December 18, Sunday School will be on break until after New Year’s. We will be off December 25 and January 1, and resume again on January 8.

Please join us for Sunday School in December, and bring along a friend!

Adult Sunday School

 Womens Class  Library (9:30am) 
The Ten Commandments in Todays World

 Mixed Adult Class  Fellowship Hall (9:30am) Foundations of Faith

 PostConfirmation Class for Teens  Education Annex (10:00am)
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