Sunday School



Children’s Sunday School meets in
the church basement each Sunday
at 10 a.m. If you would like to be
added to the Sunday School parents email list to
receive weekly information about each week’s session,
please let the church office know. If you would can help
with Sunday School by teaching or in other ways,
please let us know that as well.

February’s Sunday School lessons
will continue our study of the Book
of Genesis. The lesson descriptions
are shown below.
Also, we are in need of new Sunday School teachers, so
if you would like to start teaching Sunday School,
please let the church office know.

 February 4: A Servant’s Mission – Isaac and
Rebekah (Genesis 24:1-4, 10-28, 50-67) This
week’s lesson is “A Servant’s Mission.” Abraham
tasks a faithful servant with finding a wife for Isaac
from Abraham’s homeland. The servant prays for a
sign and waits at a well outside the city of Nahor.
Rebekah appears, offering to draw water for both
man and beast—the sign the servant had asked for.
Rebekah invites the servant to come to her family
home. Having received gifts from Abraham,
Rebekah’s family sends her to Isaac with their

 February 11: Twin Troubles – Esau and Jacob
(Genesis 25:19-34; 27:1-45) The account of Esau
and Jacob serves as today’s lesson, “Twin
Troubles.” When Isaac is sixty years old, Rebekah
gives birth to very different twin boys—Esau and
Jacob. Isaac ignores God’s promise to Jacob and
favors Esau. Esau’s hunger gets the best of him as
he sells his birthright for a bowl of stew. Rebekah
enables further deception as she plots with Jacob,
her favored son, so that he receives Isaac’s
blessing. When Esau vows to kill Jacob, Rebekah
sends Jacob away for his own safety.

 February 18: A Family Grows – Jacob’s Family
(Genesis 29:1-30) Today, we will study Jacob’s
family in “A Family Grows.” Jacob experiences love
at first sight when he meets Rachel at the well.
Welcomed into his uncle Laban’s household, Jacob
agrees to work seven years in order to marry
Rachel. When the wedding celebration finally
arrives, Laban tricks Jacob into marrying Rachel’s
older sister, Leah. Realizing the deception, Jacob
confronts his uncle, who gives him Rachel’s hand
for another seven years of service.

 February 25: A Dreamer Rises – God Works Good
for Joseph (Genesis 39:20-23; 41:9-49) In today’s
lesson, “A Dreamer Rises,” students will learn about
how God works good for Joseph. Falsely accused,
Joseph finds himself in prison interpreting dreams
for Pharaoh’s baker and cupbearer. When the
Egyptian pharaoh has troubling dreams, God
empowers Joseph to explain the visions. Pharaoh
appoints him to the second highest position in the
land, and Joseph manages the harvest to endure the
coming famine.
Please join us for these Sunday School lessons in
February, and invite your friends to come as well!