Sunday School

Bethany Lutheran Church - Sunday School



We will start Sunday School online this September, and then monitor circumstances each month to see if and when returning to classes in the annex will be feasible. We will have a live online interactive prayer and story time for children each Sunday, 9:45-10:15 a.m., starting with the Sunday after Labor Day. We will also have an online page with links to resources to be used before and after each live session. This will include crafts, worksheets, coloring pages, parent pages, videos, and other online resources Concordia provides as part of our Sunday School materials subscription.

Sunday School parents will receive a link via email to access online Sunday School materials and live          sessions. If you do not currently receive these emails, but would like to get them, let the church office know you would like to be added to the distribution list.

To begin the year, our Sunday School children will be studying events surrounding Jesus’ birth. The lesson descriptions for September 2021 and the accompanying Scriptures are:

  • September 12: An Angel Announces—Jesus’ Birth Foretold (Luke 1:26–56). The lesson this week is “An Angel Announces.” Mary receives an angelic announcement telling her that, despite her  virginity, she will give birth to the long-awaited  Savior. The child in Elizabeth’s womb leaps within her when the mother of the promised Messiah approaches. Elizabeth rejoices in the reaction and welcomes Mary to stay with her for a time. Mary’s song of praise, the Magnificat, resounds in the Church to this day. 
  • September 19: Silence before a Son—John is Born (Luke 1:5–25; 57–66). Today, we will study “Silence before a Son.” Doubting the angel’s announcement of his coming son, Zechariah finds himself silenced until the boy’s birth. Upon writing “His name is John,” Zechariah regains his voice and prophesies concerning his son’s work.  
  • September 26: The Temple Testimonies—Jesus’ Birth and Presentation (Luke 2:1–7, 22–40). In   today’s lesson, “The Temple Testimonies,” God  fulfills His promise as Jesus is born in Bethlehem. Forty days later, in keeping with the law, the family travels to Jerusalem’s temple for Mary’s               purification and Jesus’ presentation. There, they encounter Simeon, a devout Jew whose song of praise lives on in the Church today. Likewise, Anna, the aging prophetess, rejoices at the coming of the Savior.  

We look forward to continuing Sunday School in fall, whether online or in-person!