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News from the Call Committee 


To the Bethany Lutheran Congregation from the Call Committee June 30th 2022

The Call Committee met on June 30th.  We now have 2 candidates to interview for our new Pastor. Interviews will be held by the Call Committee in the next 2 ½ weeks. Once discussion on the interviews is finished, the Call Committee will be setting the date for our Call Service. We hope everyone will attend our presentation of the Pastor Candidates. At the Call Service we will be voting for a new pastor.  Please stay tuned for the Call Service date. We should have that information by July 28th.

Jennifer Friedel
Call Committee Chairman

To the Bethany Lutheran Congregation from the Call Committee June 2022

Due to covid we had to postpone our June 9th meeting to June 16th. The Call Committee will read the candidate profiles at that meeting and discuss them. On June 30th we will allow an hour from 6-7pm for those that missed the reading. At 7pm on June 30th the call committee will discuss the interview schedule with Pastor Thress. We are planning to hold Zoom interviews in mid July and hope to plan the Call Service soon after. God has chosen our new pastor and we are walking the path to see him.

To the Bethany Lutheran Congregation from the Call Committee May 28th 2022

At our last meeting of the Call Committee, we finalized our interview questionnaire. Pastor Thress has informed us we have at least 3 candidates to consider for the call. Our Call Committee will meet on June 9th to read the candidate profiles. If there are more than 3 candidates, the Call Committee will ballot on their top 3 choices.  Things are moving along but we still have a lot of work to do. The interviews will be planned and scheduled by Pastor Thress. This will take at least 2 months to complete. Pray for the Bethany Lutheran Call Committee and the church council as they work on the call process. We will keep you informed as we proceed.

Jennifer Friedel
Call Committee Chairman


I am pleased to announce the Call Committee Chairman has received a list

of Pastoral candidates from the LCMS. Before we can review or consider

the list, all candidates must be contacted by the LCMS to make sure

they are interested in being considered for the call at Bethany Lutheran

Church. Our inviting church representative, Pastor Thress has promised

that the approved candidates will be ready for the call committee to

review in Mid-June. The call committee will then read the profiles and

ballot to pick the top 3, if 3 are available.


Here is a timeline:


The call committee has formed an interview questionnaire which will be

finalized on May 26th, once we review any congregational comments.

Candidate profiles will be developed from the interview and the

candidate profile, so all members can see and know the Pastoral

candidates we are considering. They will be presented at a Call Service

in a power point presentation so you will be able to see the candidate

and possibly hear them preach if that is available to show.

In July we will announce a Sunday afternoon Call Service for the

congregation presentation and balloting.

More to come.

God is Good, please bless our congregation and help us to see the pastor

you have chosen to lead us.

Jennifer Friedel

Call Committee Chairman

Bethany Lutheran Church


May 13th 2022

Congregation of Bethany Lutheran Church,

The Call Committee is sending you a working copy of the Candidate questionnaire for a new pastor. Time is of the essence, and we ask that you review the questions we have provided. Reflect in prayer on the role and function the new pastor will play at Bethany Lutheran.

Please email comments to any question by # number so I can present the comments to the call committee. We need your answers no later than May 23rd. Please send any responses to:  [email protected] . Email responses are preferred but you can also mail your response or drop the response in the secretary’s door slot. The responses need to be received by the Bethany Lutheran office on May 23rd.  The Call Committee will make finial amendments to the candidate questionnaire that will be used to aid in the interview of several pastoral candidates.

I know the entire congregation is praying to meet a new pastor and his family. As a congregation we pray for Our Lord to send us a new pastor that will lead us forward into a bright future. We are expecting the return of our call very shortly and want to involve everyone in the process. Please watch for updates on the Bethany Lutheran Web Site and on our Face Book page for prayers and progress for our call.

Thank you for your consideration,

Jennifer Friedel

Bethany Lutheran Call Committee Chairman

Below is the questionnaire:

Call Committee Candidate Interview Questionnaire May 13th 2022

          1. Tell us how you were called to God.

  1. Tell us what you consider to be your strengthens.
  2. Tell us what you consider to be your weaknesses.
  3. Please describe a conflict you helped to resolve.
  4. Which Ministries will you bring to Bethany Lutheran ministries?
  1. The word of God can be shared in many ways. We can hear it, see it, feel it, share it, and express it to give people joy. Please tell us any special talents or interests you may have that would help you share the word of God with our congregation.
  2. Bethany Lutheran is made up of an older population. Bethany Lutheran Church wants to grow so we have future generations to carry on our church. We realize growth can only be done if we attract younger members. Tell us about your experience with developing a youth program.
  1. The pastor/Congregation relationship is a bit like blending 2 families. As such both families have a variety of expectations, some of which may be incompatible. How do you believe that your family would fit into our congregation, and what are your expectations for their support of this congregation as we all move forward?  How do you believe we can support your family as we make this journey together? In other words, what are your expectations of us with regards to    incorporating your family into our congregation?
  1. Bethany Lutheran currently has extensive digital outreach reaching 1/3 of the congregation. Describe your personal involvement in digital outreach.
  1. How do you envision lay participation in the church? How would you recruit people to execute that vision?
  1. Do you favor having a Board of Elders?
  1. What style of service do you prefer. How do you feel about a pastor dress code?
  1. What are your experiences on counseling people?
  1. Describe how you will interact with church council.
  1. What are your long-term goals for Bethany Lutheran Church?
  1. Are there any special circumstances in your life, that you would like to discuss with us.

        17. Do you have any questions for the members of Bethany Lutheran



Notes from the Call Committee Meeting of April 25th 2022

The Bethany Lutheran Call Committee held it’s 2nd meeting on Monday April 25th 2022.

Opening and closing Prayers were offered by Jennifer Friedel

All members were in attendance.

We discussed the fact that Pastor Nuss will no longer be our district visitor and that Pastor Thress would be stepping in. Pastor Thress was unable to attend the Monday meeting.

Since the Questionnaire is the Call Committee key focus, the committee has decided to meet twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Thursday until our work is completed. The next meeting is May 12th at 7:00pm.

We discussed several questions for the candidate questionnaire. We have also assigned members with additional questions for the next meeting. Once the questionnaire is completed and reviewed the Call Committee will present it to the congregation for an approval vote and members can add any additional questions for consideration. This should occur sometime in June.

Call Committee Chairman

Jennifer Friedel

March 28th meeting:

Oh Lord, Please lead our call committee so that we may spiritually consider the needs of Bethany Lutheran Church and pick a new pastor and his family to lead us in the years to come. We wish to help our congregation continue to grow as faithful servants through Jesus Christ our lord. Amen

The Call Committee first meeting- March 28th 2022

Pastor Nuss gave us an opening prayer. Jennifer Friedel, Woody Willing, Louise Coffin, Maggie Young, Holly Adams, Cindy Prag, Joyce Hardesty, Cassidy Cavins were in attendance. Ken Medearis zoomed our meeting. Introductions were made by all the members.

Our task at hand is to form a questionnaire for our Pastoral Candidate that will represent the feelings of our congregation. The committee will study the answers that were compiled by the Congregational Profile survey send out in January. As we consider the questionnaire for our future candidate, the committee will be using prayer to help lead us to the best position. Once the questionnaire is finalized we will present it to the congregation for any additional input. This process will take us a few months. We will keep you updated!

Joyce Hardesty will be our recording secretary. She will report minutes on our previous meeting and record our discussions as we move forward.

Cindy Prag will be our corresponding secretary and will write to invite and thank all those involved with the call committee as the committee proceeds.

Cassidy Cavins will be our prayer coordinator. She will keep records and archive of all our prayers.

Our next meeting is Monday April 25th at 7pm. We pray Pastor Nuss will be with us as we proceed.


Jennifer Friedel

Call Committee chairman


Our call committee is now complete with 10 members. Thank you to all the volunteers who stepped up to this challenge. The names of the members are below. The committee will handle the process of “calling” a new minister for our church. The church council has sent the Synod’s Profile Packet to get the Call process started.

 The call committee chairman will be Jennifer Friedel.   The first meeting will be used to introduce and organize the group. We will name a recording secretary, corresponding secretary and a prayer committee with a prayer coordinator. Pastor Nuss will try to be in attendance. We will also zoom the meeting to any committee member who is unable to attend.

We will try to start our candidate questionnaire process used for interviewing future candidates. The call committee will look at many topics concerning the new pastor’s role and create a topic list which we will publish for the congregation to review. In each meeting we will consider topics for the questionnaire. The prayer committee will include a prayer to consider the topic.  We ask the congregation to pray with us! The call committee will update you with topics, questions and prayers.

Next the LCMS church leadership is going to get a list of candidates together for the open minister position at Bethany Lutheran Church and the Call Committee is going to look at those candidates. The call committee will bring the candidate list down to two or three and present them to the congregation. There will be a prayer meeting announced to pick a final candidate.  The Call Committee will try to give frequent updates to the congregation of our progress.

The Call Committee is composed of all age groups and backgrounds of the congregation.  We hope that you will keep the process in your prayers and also start praying for whatever spiritual leader God is already starting to prepare for the role.

Here are the names of the Call Committee.  Please pray for us as we review candidates for the pastoral call.  I hope everyone who is not on the call committee is prepared to help us in our mission to call a pastor. We will need your prayers and later we will need your aid.

Here is a prayer from the call committee.  We will be offering more prayers for the congregation, and they will be published at this link.

“Oh God please guide our newly formed Bethany Lutheran call committee. Please help us to see the needs of our congregation and lead us to the right pastor to fill our needs. I believe the congregation is looking for a pastor to fill their spiritual needs as well as oversee the welfare of our church.  We hope he and his family will enjoy their time at Bethany and become a loving part of our community. We know you are watching us perform this important task for Bethany Lutheran Church. We are ready to proceed with our work.”


Jennifer Friedel

Ken Medearis

Maggie Young

Woody Willing

Bill Weber

Cassidy Cavins

Cindy Prag

Joyce Hardesty

Holly Adams