The Third Sunday of Lent

A Devotion By Rev. Donald Schaefer,
Northern Region Facilitator
for Mission Engagement
2 Corinthians 5: 16-21
Third Sunday of Lent
Sunday, March 20, 2022
Paul’s words to the Corinthians
Shaped how the early church
Translated its mission into a movement
That would truly change the world
Seeing beyond people’s outward identity
First as someone for whom Jesus died
Letting go of who we were in order to become
The new creation God intended us to be
Restored by God’s reconciling grace
We are called to be live as reconcilers
Seeking to encourage unity and peace
Over obvious division and mistrust
Being ambassadors for Christ means
Representing Him in word and action
Knowing that God is making an appeal to all
Through our compassion and mercy
There is much inside and outside of us
That would pull us back into
The shadows of hesitancy in which
We may conveniently hide
But what God has done for us in Christ
Urges us on to be so much more
Living and dying with unflinching courage
Signposts of grace in a broken world+