Youth Group

Bethany Lutheran Church offers youth group activities and devotion through the youth group CROSSFIRE and praise band X/WIND. Please look at upcoming events and come out and share worship with our youth.


The Bethany Lutheran Church Youth Group is CROSSFIRE. The mission of the youth is to serve the community through fun and fellowship. They strive to come to know God and travel with Jesus with devotion, group meetings and fun activities. They hope that they “Live in such a way that those who don’t know God but know them, would come to know God because they know them.” We offer fellowship; support and trust in a safe environment that is meant to lift our youth up to achieve wonderful things in their journey into adulthood. CROSSFIRE is open to anyone interested grades 6th thru 12TH. We meet twice a month, have a fun activity and lead worship once a month.  Please contact us here for more information or to have your youth join us.


Members of the Bethany Lutheran Church Youth Group have been sharing their passion for music by being in a contemporary band X/WIND! The band’s name X/WIND comes from the abbreviation for crosswind, which is a shearing wind that pushes you off of the path of sin and back on to the path to Jesus Christ! The band has performed and numerous church functions and music festivals all over the Eastern Shore. They even performed at a youth retreat in Washington, D.C.! Please look for events they will be performing at and join them to worship God through music.