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Pastor Wackett

Dear Friends in Christ,


Seriously, fasting during the month of December?  Before anyone begins the practice of fasting, one needs to understand the correct reason for fasting.


Read Isaiah 58


The complaint was not that the people didn’t fast; it was that their fasting had become a mere ritual rather than a time of repentance.  Identify the things God wants to flow out of fasting according to verses 6-12:


  • Vs 7 What can be made available to the needy?
  • Vs 8, 1 What kind of witness can you be?
  • Vs 9a What will be the result of your prayers?
  • Vs 9b What change will occur in your attitude?
  • Vs 11 What will God provide for you?
  • Vs 12 What kind of rebuilding will occur?


Write down some reasons why you would like to fast.


Then pray that God would bless you as you begin your fast.


(**All fasting should be done with an understanding of your own medical welfare and health in mind**)


Twenty-four hour fast

  1. Fast a normal fast (no food but water) for a twenty-four hour period, lunch to lunch.
  2. Choose a portion of Scripture to dwell on during this time. Let your feelings of hunger remind you to spend time with the passage and in prayer.  Use at least the time you would have spent eating with the passage.
  3. Cultivate a “gentle receptiveness to divine breathing.”
  4. Record some of your thoughts in your journal.


That wasn’t so bad was it?  In the first of the year I will introduce other techniques of meditation, fasting, and prayer in the form of bulletin inserts.  If you would like a complete set of all that I have available all at once please let me know I will get them to you. 


God bless your preparations for the birth of His Son as you meditate, pray and fast for a deeper knowledge and relationship with Him. 




Sonnenberg/Ludwig pg. 88-89


deliverance from death itself (1 Corinthians 15:54-57).

  • Pray He might lead you away from those temptations placed before you by the devil, the world, and sometimes by yourself.
  • Pray that God would frustrate the power of evil that seeks to destroy you.